A (very late) Life Update

Yes, here I am updating on my college life when I’m already more than halfway through my first semester as a college student.

Long story short, I’m now a student at Yale-NUS College! It’s a small liberal arts institution in Singapore, established by Yale and National University of Singapore. I never thought I would actually end up here, but I am extremely glad I did. Not only is Singapore close to Taiwan, but the safer COVID situations also allowed me to start my college life here on campus.

I started a Youtube channel when I was in quarantine upon arriving in Singapore. It was initially a production of my boredom, but gradually as I moved onto campus it became a platform for me to show what my life is like here, through visuals. Some of the details about my environment, I felt, were better just recorded into camera and shown to my audience. My writing also couldn’t do my friends justice, and I believe a video portrayal served best to reveal how cute they are.

For a while I contemplated if I would be motivated enough to balance a blog and a Youtube channel, two very different platforms. I came to the conclusion that my Youtube channel will represent my extroverted surface, while my blog represents my calmer, inner self. In a sense, balancing these two platforms also mirrors balancing my own outer and inner layers.

I’ve been proportionately updating a lot more on my Youtube channel because that’s how I felt since arriving in Singapore until now – in a whirlwind of new experiences one after another, without much time to take a breath, but at the same time wanting to document it. As of now I’ve found the opportunity to retreat a little and sort through the many, many ideas and thoughts inside my head.

For the time to come I’ll share my observations of my life so far – as a college student, as a foreigner in Singapore, as a young adult in her last teenage years doing some introspection prompted by inspirational discussions in class and interactions with the people close to her heart.

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