A (very late) Life Update

Yes, here I am updating on my college life when I'm already more than halfway through my first semester as a college student. Long story short, I'm now a student at Yale-NUS College! It's a small liberal arts institution in Singapore, established by Yale and National University of Singapore. I never thought I would actually... Continue Reading →

Eugenio Recuenco 365: Photography Beyond Reality

"This is an invitation to abandon our convictions, and enter a world with our own rules."- Eugenio Recuenco When my friend sent me screenshots of this exhibition's information, there was not a moment of doubt before I answered, "let's go." Huashan 1914 Creative Park has hosted numerous extremely popular exhibitions and events, such as Hello... Continue Reading →

On Positivity

Confession of truth: despite how talkative and social I can be, sometimes I can also get really insecure. These are times when I start to belittle my own self value and lose a lot of the usual confidence I exhibit on the surface. I think this happens to a lot of people. We all tend... Continue Reading →

France Through My Eyes: Football Frenzy

Like most European countries, France is a land of football craziness. Supporters stan their favorite football players, football clubs, and the national team. And for any sports fan it is of course one of their goals to watch a game in the stadiums. I was able to experience the football heat last night at the... Continue Reading →

Si peu de temps

Tellement de monde à rencontrer, tellement d’histoires à raconter, tellement d’amitiés à faire, mais si peu de temps.  C’est le fait qu’on doit accepter tout en étant des étudiants d’échanges, le fait qu’il y a tellement de gens qui viennent et partent mais qui resteront toujours dans nos mémoires. Il semble toujours qu’il n’y a... Continue Reading →

A French Marriage

It has been a week since I attended a traditional French wedding, but somehow it felt like ages ago. Everything went by in a flash. I still remember anticipating this huge event since my exchange year began, when Papa first sent me an email telling me that my eldest host sister was engaged and set... Continue Reading →

My Paris Day Trip

Paris was much less crowded than usual today.  Papa dropped me off near the Île de la Cité and I went to reserve a time slot to climb the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral. I still had a little bit more than an hour before my reservation, so I randomly picked a café from... Continue Reading →

Percent, a Senior event

Friday the thirteenth, a day normally considered to bring bad luck but to be drowned out by a big event for seniors from all high schools in town — Percent.  In French, “cent” means “hundred”, and Percent is normally the one hundredth day before their university entrance exams (the BAC/ Baccalauréat), when the seniors dress... Continue Reading →

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