Going abroad was never a frightening idea for me. In fact, it was my dream. My parents were both rather adventurous and raised me to be the same. But for many reasons we were unable to move back to the United States, so to make my high school life something to remember, I decided to... Continue Reading →

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France Through My Eyes: Football Frenzy

Like most European countries, France is a land of football craziness. Supporters stan their favorite football players, football clubs, and the national team. And for any sports fan it is of course one of their goals to watch a game in the stadiums. I was able to experience the football heat last night at the... Continue Reading →

Si peu de temps

Tellement de monde à rencontrer, tellement d’histoires à raconter, tellement d’amitiés à faire, mais si peu de temps.  C’est le fait qu’on doit accepter tout en étant des étudiants d’échanges, le fait qu’il y a tellement de gens qui viennent et partent mais qui resteront toujours dans nos mémoires. Il semble toujours qu’il n’y a... Continue Reading →

A French Marriage

It has been a week since I attended a traditional French wedding, but somehow it felt like ages ago. Everything went by in a flash. I still remember anticipating this huge event since my exchange year began, when Papa first sent me an email telling me that my eldest host sister was engaged and set... Continue Reading →

8 Months in France

I hopped off the plane at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport on August 25th, 2017. Time flies, and it has been eight months that I’ve lived in this country that I now call home. These days I’ve been receiving lots of compliments from my fellow classmates and a few teachers on my progress in... Continue Reading →

My Paris Day Trip

Paris was much less crowded than usual today.  Papa dropped me off near the Île de la Cité and I went to reserve a time slot to climb the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral. I still had a little bit more than an hour before my reservation, so I randomly picked a café from... Continue Reading →

Percent, a Senior event

Friday the thirteenth, a day normally considered to bring bad luck but to be drowned out by a big event for seniors from all high schools in town — Percent.  In French, “cent” means “hundred”, and Percent is normally the one hundredth day before their university entrance exams (the BAC/ Baccalauréat), when the seniors dress... Continue Reading →


Sunday 1st of April was Easter, one of the most important Christian holidays, which meant we had a four-day weekend! It began the Friday 30th of March, which only the Moselle department and region of Alsace had vacation, and continued until Monday 2nd of April. Being the devoted Christians that they were, my host parents... Continue Reading →

The Strike Hit Me Hard

Remember my recent post about strikes all across France? (if you hadn't read it yet, click here) Well, I got the VIP experience today. Yes, electronics can be an addiction nowadays, but there are just some days when you tend to forget about them. I casually walked out of my house this morning holding an oreo... Continue Reading →

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