Eugenio Recuenco 365: Photography Beyond Reality

"This is an invitation to abandon our convictions, and enter a world with our own rules."- Eugenio Recuenco When my friend sent me screenshots of this exhibition's information, there was not a moment of doubt before I answered, "let's go." Huashan 1914 Creative Park has hosted numerous extremely popular exhibitions and events, such as Hello... Continue Reading →

Château de Fontainebleau

27 December 2017   WednesdayAs expected, the French royals back then built palaces everywhere, making the entire country their playground. Fontainebleau, 20 minutes away from Paris, was one of the places chosen by the posh to construct a vacation home. Compared with Versailles, the palace was small. But already large enough that it took us... Continue Reading →

St. Nicolas

Today, December 6th, is St. Nicolas Day. However, we celebrated this festival in advance on December 2nd. We set out for Metz at around 11 in the morning, bundled up in layers of clothing to guard ourselves from the cold of December. I’d previously been to Metz before, but it was for a birthday party... Continue Reading →

Papa’s Birthday

14 October Guess who is the birthday boy today? My host father Gilles! (Obviously you can see that from the title of this post..) And he had the perfect day planned out for the entire family. That’s the thing I find to be super generous of him - he gives more than receives. For a... Continue Reading →

Bonjour Paris!

Before heading off to our respective host families, the exchange students from all around the world were gathered in Paris for a week-long language camp. Our base was the FIAP hostel in the 14th arrondissement. Every day, we had three hours of lessons in the morning. The entire student body was divided into three different... Continue Reading →

Summer 2k17

Here's the thing about private school students in Taiwan -   our summer vacation is only one month long, because starting from the last week of July till the third week of August, we have summer school. During this time we take classes like any other normal day during the school year. The goal is to... Continue Reading →

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