Follow Up on December 1st

Because of how I was rushing to get out of the house in the morning, I did not have time to take photos of our snow-coated yard. So on the way to school, I sent Papa a message and asked him to do it for me.

And when I came home that day after school, I was still super excited about snow so I took a random little video… It was already dark and I used flash but there are still some parts where we see almost nothing. I love the music though… (I included the original video of the background music at the end of this post)

Papa and Maman had organized a cinema night to project a movie titled “Dieu N’est Pas Mort”, which is an American movie (God’s Not Dead) about a Christian boy named Josh who tries to prove to his Philosophy teacher and classmates that God exists after refusing to sign a petition that says “God is dead”. Half an hour before the movie started, my host parents’ good friend Marcella took me for a walk. We were in Forbach, a small town about fifteen minutes car ride away from Petite-Rosselle (where we live). Around the corner down the same street of the cinema was a little Christmas market right beside a huge tent being set up for a temporary ice-skating rink. Marcella bought me a cup of hot apple juice, one of the season specialties sold at Christmas markets. It had begun to snow again and we walked back towards the cinema while sipping on the cinnamon-infused drink.

…and here’s the video of the background music that I used in my short video.

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