Si peu de temps

Tellement de monde à rencontrer, tellement d’histoires à raconter, tellement d’amitiés à faire, mais si peu de temps.  C’est le fait qu’on doit accepter tout en étant des étudiants d’échanges, le fait qu’il y a tellement de gens qui viennent et partent mais qui resteront toujours dans nos mémoires. Il semble toujours qu’il n’y a... Continue Reading →

The Strike Hit Me Hard

Remember my recent post about strikes all across France? (if you hadn't read it yet, click here) Well, I got the VIP experience today. Yes, electronics can be an addiction nowadays, but there are just some days when you tend to forget about them. I casually walked out of my house this morning holding an oreo... Continue Reading →

Language, a Necessity

I discovered, surprisingly, that I had improved a lot in French when I was watching a Spanish TV series, La Casa de Papel. The first season was available on Netflix so I chose French audio and English subtitles, but for the second season I had to stream online. It is such a thrilling series that... Continue Reading →


30 December 2017 Festivities call for family to gather together. For New Year's we were at the grandparents' house. Papi and Mamie (French for "grandpa" and "grandma") lived in Arcachon, in a cozy house well-lit by natural light from the numerous picture windows. Of course we weren't going to sit around all day being couch... Continue Reading →

Vacances – Gérardmer

28 October 2017 ["vacances" is the French word for "vacation"]Saturday near noon I joined Héloïse, Maman and Papa in the car and off we went. We were on our way to Gérardmer to visit Papa’s aunt. The drive took about an hour, with the last ten minutes climbing altitude until we finally arrived in front... Continue Reading →

St. Nicolas

Today, December 6th, is St. Nicolas Day. However, we celebrated this festival in advance on December 2nd. We set out for Metz at around 11 in the morning, bundled up in layers of clothing to guard ourselves from the cold of December. I’d previously been to Metz before, but it was for a birthday party... Continue Reading →

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