A Glass Full of Water

Grandma didn't recognise me at the dinner table today. Perhaps she sensed from the interactions of everyone at the table that I am someone known to the family, a normal part of the family, that I've been there all along but she just cannot recall who I might be. Our helper said that multiple times... Continue Reading →

Vacances – Gérardmer

28 October 2017 ["vacances" is the French word for "vacation"]Saturday near noon I joined Héloïse, Maman and Papa in the car and off we went. We were on our way to Gérardmer to visit Papa’s aunt. The drive took about an hour, with the last ten minutes climbing altitude until we finally arrived in front... Continue Reading →

Papa’s Birthday

14 October Guess who is the birthday boy today? My host father Gilles! (Obviously you can see that from the title of this post..) And he had the perfect day planned out for the entire family. That’s the thing I find to be super generous of him - he gives more than receives. For a... Continue Reading →

Joining the French Family!

02 SeptemberOne week flew by like a blur. Before we knew it, we were having our last breakfast together early in the morning on Saturday, September 2nd. The food was the same, but for us, it was the little bit of time left to exchange the last pieces of gossip. After, we returned to our... Continue Reading →

Summer 2k17

Here's the thing about private school students in Taiwan -   our summer vacation is only one month long, because starting from the last week of July till the third week of August, we have summer school. During this time we take classes like any other normal day during the school year. The goal is to... Continue Reading →

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