Sunday 1st of April was Easter, one of the most important Christian holidays, which meant we had a four-day weekend! It began the Friday 30th of March, which only the Moselle department and region of Alsace had vacation, and continued until Monday 2nd of April.

Being the devoted Christians that they were, my host parents were constantly going back and forth between the house and church. Me, being non-religious, chose not to tag along. Since Easter was the same day as April Fools this year, Papa decided to pull a “prank” on the entire family by sending a message that read “I’m too tired to attend the Mass at church this morning!” in our Whatsapp group. But we all knew him too well to fall for it – he would never miss an important religious event.

We turned on the television to watch a live broadcast of Pope Francis deliver his blessings to the whole world from his balcony in the Vatican City. Then we put on our coats and went Easter Egg hunting. Papa had previously hidden almost twenty foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in our garden and I went around carrying a basket looking for shining objects among the plants. While I hunted for chocolate eggs, Maman headed towards the hens’ nest to search for chicken eggs!

Much anticipated, we soon sat down for Easter lunch. It was surprisingly light compared to most festive meals, and I found it very agreeable. Radishes, stir-fried mushrooms and green beans, assorted nuts… Then came the traditional dish of Easter – lamb chop.

Usually I don’t eat lamb or sheep because I can’t stand the odor, but to my surprise the platter that Papa prepared did not have too much the strong flavor that I disliked. Completed with melted butter and a few sprinkles of parsley, I found my least favorite meat to be quite tasty.

We also vdeo-called Papi and Mamie in Arcachon, where three of my host siblings and their cousins were staying to celebrate this holiday with the grandparents. I got to say hello to everyone and we clinked our champagne glasses through the camera with those in South-West France!

Joyeuses Pâques! Happy Easter!

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  1. Hi Annabelle! Unfortunately egg hunt isn’t a widespread tradition here in Italy so I’ve only seen it on my English textbook :/ It seems fun! Actually the day before we went on holiday everyone was saying “Auguri” (instead of saying Happy *something* we have “auguri” which can be used in every occasion) and I couldn’t understand what they were referring to XD Non-religious families don’t feel Easter at all!
    Bye from Kama! ❤

    1. Hey Kama! I get it haha back in Taiwan we don’t celebrate Easter either, but there’s always a first for everything! I learned a lot while living with religious host parents. And yes, though it is mostly for young children, the Easter egg hunt is quite fun!!

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