2km In Heels

First things first, I want to explain a bit about my blog.

I created this site early November, and there were so many events that happened in September and October that I did not write about, so I’m in a “late assignments” situation right now. That’s why when I post a blog about something that happened in the past, I state the date of event at the beginning.

And since I did not put a date on top of this blog, that means what I’m going to write about happened today! (Finally something “at the moment” )

It has almost become a habit to go to Sarrebruck (a German city right across the border) if I finish school early. In our school, the last period ends at 16:45 and the only bus I can take to get home is at 17:30. I’ve spent lots of time waiting for that bus. On Wednesdays I finish at 11 and the bus is at 12:15, but I wanted to pass by Sarrebruck today. So I headed towards the tram station at Gare de Sarreguemines (Station of Sarreguemines) and found a nice corner of my own on the vehicle.

All was normal until we stopped at Römerkastell, and never kept going. The conductor made an announcement but it was in German and I understood nothing except for “danke” (thank you) at the end. Everyone around me started to get up and exit the tram, so I followed suit. At first I thought the tram was not in service anymore and we had to wait for the next one, but soon a mechanic van pulled up beside and I heard them trying to start up the motor again and again. Obviously, it didn’t work.

And that’s why I decided to walk from that tram station all the way to Johanneskirche. It was the only choice for me anyway. There were buses but I was not going to take the risk of hopping onto the wrong direction and ending up losing time and location sense. Good thing I had Google Map, which gave me directions and distance – 2km.

Great. I was wearing 5cm heeled boots. But I headed out anyway.

To my own surprise it only took me fifteen minutes to complete my longest runway ever (what?) and I actually enjoyed it. I was on my own in a city where I did not speak the language, but I love taking on challenges like this. I feel extra happy when I accomplish these things by myself.

And the boots were perfectly fine! I did not feel any pain in my feet. Not bad for a pair of heels on sale which I bought for just 20 euros.

#2kmInHeels seems to be more of a New Yorker hashtag, but I’ll use it anyway.

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