WATCH: Christmas Market VLOG

One of the most important festivities in Europe is, no doubt, Christmas. The “Marché de Noël”, French for Christmas Market, can be found almost everywhere. I’m sure everyone has heard of the  Christmas Market in Strasbourg before. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to visit it this year.

Sarreguemines may be a small border town, but it can be very fun during the holiday season. The coolest thing was that we have a Christmas Market right in front of our school. Sometimes when school ends we buy some hot apple juice to warm ourselves up in the freezing December temperatures.

I wanted to film a video introducing the Christmas Market, and invited my friend Julien to join me. It’s always more interesting to take a walk through the market with someone else.

Now, no more chit chat. Watch the video below. We speak mostly in French, but don’t worry, there are English subtitles! Maybe you can learn some French words as well.

By the way, I got a word wrong while adding subtitles but it was too late when I found out. I said “I hope you guys can hear me over the bell, which we are approaching.” But I accidentally wrote “here”! Must be more careful next time…

Thanks for watching!

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Merry Christmas to you all. 🙂

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