My Interview Video / 我的採訪影片

With English translations! / 有中文翻譯!

Note: (…) means I don’t understand what the video is saying or I don’t know how to translate it. / (…) 表示我聽不懂影片在說麼或者是我不知道怎麼翻譯

English Translation

News Anchor: At the beginning of the school year, Institution Sainte Chrétienne welcomed a new student – Annabelle Mou, a 17 year-old Taiwanese who came to France for a year to learn the language. For her, but also for the institution, this exchange is an important stage in her scholar journey. Mosaïk had the chance to meet her.

Narrator: Today there is a History class. In the afternoon, there will be a Math exam… A program normal for the high school students at Institution Sainte Chrétienne, but much more complicated for Annabelle. This young Taiwanese of 17 years came to Moselle in September under the organization PIE (Programmes Internationaux d’Echanges) for a language experience. After a first visit to Paris when she was 13 years old, she then decided to take French classes in Taiwan. In Sarreguemines, she is in the class of Premier Scientific1.

Annabelle: I want to speak French very well, and I will try to learn a little bit of German.

Narrator: Along with French, Annabelle speaks English and Chinese. (…) The linguistic competition of today.

Annabelle: With globalization, I feel that it is very important that we can speak many languages. Here because the European countries are really close to each other, I’ve already met people who already speak French, English, German, or Polish… More than four languages already. And I feel like it’s an obligation that I can speak at least three languages.

Narrator: Learn the language, become independent, prepare for the future, or immerse into a new culture…(…) Annabelle has the entire school year to devote herself. Despite the difficult beginning, it didn’t take more than four months to see the success of her integration.

Principal: Annabelle knows how to merge quickly into our school. We feared in the beginning of the language barrier, and Annabelle rapidly brought down the barrier with her own qualities. And we know that she is already completely merged into our school.

Narrator: (…) Her classmates help her.

Principal: For our students, it is a discovery of Asian culture. It is a very important education, a great example of integration and opening of spirit.

Narrator: Without the end-of-year exam, Annabelle will take on her studies back in Taiwan with a new class of Premier. Certain people say that this is a loss of an year, but for the young student it’s more about the unique linguistic immersion, which she will keep as memories.

News Anchor: What happens when Annabelle is not at school? She lives with her host family in Petite-Rosselle and takes part in their daily life. What helps this young girl to thrive, and to learn the language and culture in another way? Gilles and Isabelle Dupont gave us an insight on their afternoon time.

[Annabelle plays the piano]

Narrator: The piano… It is because of this detail that Gilles and Isabelle Dupont chose to host Annabelle in their family. Of course, the situation of the exchange program has played well in her favor, but they would have never met without the help of the organization PIE. Since the exchange of one of their daughters in the United States back in 2009, the Duponts received regularly the propositions of hosting a student.

Isabelle: This year, for the first time in many years, it was possible because we have more space and time.

Narrator: Together, their weekends are often full of activities. Gilles and Isabelle Dupont benefit from her stay to show her the region. Gérardmer, Nancy, Metz, or the festivities of the family, Annabelle had the chance to discover the French culture and tradition.

Gilles: We also try to show her our daily lives with the children, participate in (family events) family events, there are many activities because we are engages in a lot of things. We learn about her life back in Taiwan, too. The pressure that the young people have, the success (in studies), the future, the questions… The questions that she still has today.

Narrator: Yet, Annabelle already has lots of projects. She would like to be a journalist in a fashion magazine, mostly in Europe. A few months ago she thought about writing a book to share her life in France, but after some thinking, she decided to take another route.

Annabelle: There’s already someone who wrote a book, so if I write a book too, it wouldn’t be special. I wanted to do something different so I started this blog in the beginning of November. And I tried to write about all the things that happened. If I write a book, it’s all about the things that happened in the past. But if I write on a blog, my friends can read it and know what is going on in my life right now. So it’s mostly the “now”, being in the present, that is important.

Narrator: Born in Los Angeles, she lived in Boston for five years, then in Shanghai for eight years. After that, she continued her life in Taiwan. Her family has moved a lot due to professional reasons, but this year, it is the big step that she does by herself.

1: Junior year Scientific group


主播: 這學年開始 Institution Sainte Chrétienne 歡迎了一位新生 – Annabelle Mou, 一位來到法國進行一年的語言學習的 17 歲台灣女孩。對她來說, 這個交換在她的求學過程中是個非常重要的環節。Mosaïk 有幸與她見面。

旁白: 這堂是歷史課, 而今天下午將有一場數學考試。平凡的高中課程對 Annabelle 來說卻是困難許多。這個 17 歲的台灣女孩在九月隨著法國 PIE (Programmes Internationaux d’Echanges) 來到 Moselle 進行語言學習。13 歲時到巴黎旅遊過後, 她回到台灣決定開始上法文課。在 Sarreguemines, 她讀的是高二的自然組。

Annabelle: 我想要把法文說得非常好,然後試著學一點德文。

旁白: 除了法文以外, Annabelle 還會說英文和中文。(…) 今日的語言競爭。

Annabelle: 隨著現在的全球化, 我覺得能說很多語言是很重要的。歐洲國家互相離得近,我已經遇過會說法文、英文、德文、波蘭語…四種語言或更多的人。我自己覺得我能說至少三種語言是必須的。

旁白: 學習語言, 更加獨立, 為未來做準備, 或者是融入另一個文化… (…) Annabelle 有一整個學年可以投入心思。即便剛開始遇到種種困難,不到四個月就已經可以看到她的成就。

校長: Annabelle 知道如何快速融入這所學校。起初我們有些擔心語言隔閡的問題,但 Annabelle 在短時間內以自己的特質消除了這個隔閡。現在她已經完全融入我們的學校了。

旁白: (…) 同學們常常幫助她。

校長: 對我們的學生來說這是個認識亞洲文化的機會。是個很重要的教育,一個打開心靈的好例子。

旁白: 沒有年終大考的 Annabelle 將回到台灣與新的高二班級繼續學習。有些人會說這樣失去了一年,但對這位年輕的學生來說是個充滿回憶的特別經驗。

主播: 當 Annabelle 不在學校的時候發生些甚麼事? 她住在寄宿家庭裡,並且參與他們的日常生活。是甚麼幫助這位女孩以另外一種方式學習語言和文化? Gilles 和 Isabelle Dupont 夫婦向我們展示了他們的下午時光。

[Annabelle 彈鋼琴中…]

旁白: 是因為能彈鋼琴這個細節而使得 Dupont 夫婦決定接待 Annabelle。交換計畫非常成功,但沒有 PIE 組織的存在他們就無法相遇。他們其中一個女兒在 2009 年到美國進行交換之後,Dupont 夫婦每年都接到電話詢問是否有興趣接待交換學生。

Isabelle: 今年終於有可能接待交換學生,因為我們有比較多的空間與時間。

旁白: 他們的週末常常過得很充實。Dupont 夫婦趁 Annabelle 的到來帶她認識當地的特色。Gérardmer, Nancy, Metz, 或是家庭活動等等, Annabelle 有幸可以認識法國文化與傳統。

Gilles: 我們也向她展示我們與孩子們的生活, 帶她參與家庭活動… 她也向我們介紹她在台灣的生活。年輕人的壓力、未來成就等等的問題… 這些她現在還有的疑慮。

旁白: 不過, Annabelle 已經有許多計畫。未來她希望能在時尚雜誌社當記者。幾個月前,她曾考慮寫一本書來介紹她在法國的生活,但經過思考後她選擇了另外一個方法。

Annabelle: 已經有人寫過書了,如果我也寫一本書那就不特別了。我想要做點不一樣的事,所以在十一月初創立了這個部落格。我試著把發生的事都寫下來。如果寫書的話,所有的事都發生在過去。但如果我寫部落格,我的朋友們可以閱讀並且知道我的生活中現在發生些甚麼事。最重要的就是「現在」,在當下。

旁白: 出生於美國洛杉磯,她在美國波士頓居住了五年,之後在中國上海居住了八年。隨後,她在台灣繼續生活。她的家庭因為工作關係常常搬家,但今年終於是她自己一人跨出的一大步。

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